Which Smartphone Should You Buy?

With the surge of new phone devices namely the iPhone, Blackberry and Samsung Galaxy Nexus, it’s amazing how many choices consumers have nowadays when it comes to mobile communication needs. Let’s compare the following phone brands and see which of them is the best buy for you!


Sleep for your health

Sleep deprivation is a problem for many students attending university. It’s often inevitable to control how much sleep one gets considering the unpredictable amount of work students get on a regular basis. Losing sleep, however, has its ramifications and disadvantages. For example, lacking sleep lowers a person’s concentration, it decreases people’s energy level, and it […]

The Runaways: Breaking the Female Stereotype

Year: 2010 Director: Florida Sigismondi Rating: ★★★★☆ What’s a movie without strong women? Too often we come across a film where the female characters are either supporting the main male character or are used as sex objects.Well, the times have changed. In today’s society, women are getting more and more attention than they did before. […]